Cheap Conference Calling
Cheap Conference Calling with Citynet Conference Call
  1. Toll Free 800 Numbers
  2. Detailed Call Detail Records of everyone in the call
  3. Web View of list of participants during the call
  4. Mute or Drop Participants from the web view during the call
  5. Billed only for Minutes Used

Cheap Conference Calling

Premium Cheap Conference Calling Services
  1. Only 9.5 cents / minute (per caller)
  2. $0.99 One Time Account Setup Fee with unlimited conference calls and PINs!
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Cheap Conference Calling with Citynet Conference Calling is easy to use with discount pricing at or near the lowest in the industry. If you are seeking a solution to your cheap conference calling needs, Citynet Conference Calling leads the market in cheap conference calling services. provides a cheap conference calling service that is reliable and simple to use. You can quickly and easily create an audio conference that can be used once, or over and over again. When you create a cheap conference calling, you will be given a number to call for the conference, a conference number to enter once you call in, and an optional PIN number (available on the premium service). Simply distribute this information to everyone you want to participate in the call, and they will be able to call in to join in your conference. Audio conferences have crystal clear quality and allow you to easily communicate with groups of co-workers, customers, or friends.

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